What is Forestpedia?

Don't take this as 100% fact as I wasn't one of the "old Sled" or whatever. I'm not sure what year the "forest" started but I always was under the impression it somehow branched out from Warrior Cat roleplays? I'm pretty sure the year fell around somewhere like 2008 or 2009 though, I kinda doubt it was as old as 2005 - 2007 but who am I to say?

Anyway, the "forest" was a Club Penguin roleplay group (is that the right word?). Everyone had their own original characters they roleplayed as and characters were usually like human, something supernatural like a demon, animal, or like half-human half-animal. Some had a lot of anime influence because we were all weeaboos. A lot of people used their usernames as their character names, though not everyone did.

Combat was based around who could type their roleplay actions the fastest and the people who could type the fastest were regarded as the "strongest". You also had to memorize your moveset and test it to make sure your moves did show, since the filtering in Club Penguin became really bad in its later years of existence. Movesets were either hand-to-hand combat, element based, or something more supernatural and magical. Since the filtering became so bad, a lot of the words were either like phoenetically spelled out or used similar-looking words instead (like "lunches" for "punches", since "punches" didn't show).

The name "forest" came from the fact the roleplay mainly happened in the Club Penguin room, the Forest. Occasionally it would also stem to that one waterfall place underneath the Forest that I forgot the name of, as well as in peoples' igloos. There were also different servers that usually had their own different people and rules. Some common servers throughout the years were Mammoth, Sled, Frosty, Abominable, and Blizzard. On less crowded servers, other rooms were commonly used for roleplay as well since there were less non-Forest People there.

The Forest (and Club Penguin as a whole) became the most inactive around late 2015 and 2016. Then the whole game closed on March 29th, 2017.

All the articles here were originally written in the year 2014. Feel free to read them for nostalgia, though I apologize for any bitterness or rudeness that was directed towards some members of the Club Penguin community from here.

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